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AI-powered assistance system

for the collection of health data

The MIA-PROM project is developing a small agent to help patients provide information about their health status – so-called patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) – and thus aims to help improve healthcare.


Detailed data on the course of healthcare treatments are needed for the evaluation of treatment methods in everyday clinical practice. One promising method for generating this data is the use of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs), in which the patients themselves provide information on their state of health. To this end, specific questions about abilities, resources and deficits are asked both at the beginning and at the end of treatment – similar to a medical assessment by a doctor, except that they are collected in the form of a questionnaire. This data can then be used to derive statements about the quality of certain forms of treatment and thus improve medical care. Filling out the questionnaires is not equally accessible to all patients: language, comprehension or even the length of the questionnaires can pose hurdles. The assistance system we are developing is therefore intended to help reduce these hurdles by supporting people in filling out the questionnaire. Our project acronym MIA-PROM therefore stands for [M]ultimodal [I]nteractive [A]ssistance for the collection of [P]atient [R]eported [O]utcome [M]easures.

The picture shows nine people in a relaxed posture. They are standing in front of a wooden wall and all belong to the project team. The men and the one woman of the research group are smiling friendly into the camera and want to support the patients in rehabilitation clinics and hospitals with a speech assistance.

oUr team

We are a research project developing a speech assistant. The aim of this is to help patients in rehabilitation clinics and hospitals to be able to have their say and to answer questions about their state of health and how it has changed as an effect of their treatment.


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